Monday, September 29, 2014

Adventures With Silas

Here Silas is hanging with his Grandpa Gregg at Bubby's Kitchen and then a few days later at Genoa Bay Marina Cafe with Granddad Oliver. Silas is a great lunch companion, and usually lets me eat with very little trouble (who are these moms who 'don't have time to eat or shower!?'). 



Here's Silas' first time on the sailboat. Learning ropes, literally. We spent a lovely late summer afternoon with Nana and Grandad Oliver on their boat. We highly recommend the restaurant at the Marina.....fantastic food. 


Silas proudly modeling his new sweater knit by our friend Heather. As you can see, he LOVES IT. We would like to commission one in size Heather?! 


Wishing Uncle Brian a happy birthday! We had to miss the celebration in Vancouver thus weekend but we were there in spirit (probably in bed). 


Silas is doing something he finds frustrating but it's very important: TUMMY TIME. We try to get in five to ten minutes of tummy time, a few times a day. He depends a lot of time in a carrier too, so that precious head of his won't get flat. He hasn't rolled over since last Monday so I wonder if that was just a fluke, but we're working on it! 



Tummy time is followed by playtime on his new quilt from Aunt Linda :) 


His "big" sister might be warming up to him too! Pico is starting to accept Silas is a permanent resident in this house. I think she's okay with it. As long as he doesn't become competition for food scraps. I think we are safe there. 



All these adventures are pretty tiring, so there's also naps. Some long and some short. Silas naps best on mom and dad's big bed. He's been sleeping pretty good at night in his own room, so I don't mind these naps on our bed. I lay down with him and read my book until he falls into a deep enough sleep for me to extract myself from little legs and arms. Today I had a bubble bath while he napped! 



Cheers to naps! Have another Momosa! 


He also had his first set of vaccinations this week! Poor man. He let out a big cry but calmed down quickly. I remained calm (impressing the nurse), but it's hard to see your baby in pain. Not looking forward to the next ones! Booooo. But, a wee shot is better than getting polio, so it's worth it. 

We went to a couple parties this weekend, where Silas was awesome as usual. He got to hang out with his best friend Theo (born to my best friend on September 10th) and his honorary older brother Felix. AND, I went to dinner and a movie without him. I had a nice time with my mom and aunt, who treated me to a delicious meal at Be Love, and then an early show of The Hundred Foot Journey. I had left two bottles for Silas with James and all was well. I missed him so much though....and I was on,y gone four hours! Love my little human. 

Hello Monday! We start Mother Goose this week. And maybe I'll finally learn some kid appropriate songs and can stop making them up. Then we're off to Uculet for a wedding! Adventures with Silas TBD. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

14 Weeks And Counting


Seriously, I have sat down to update the blog several times in the past 10 days and each time either my little dude woke up from a nap, or decided he was done with his feed and wanted 100% of Mom's attention. Currently I am feeding him, so this one handed post may take a while. Which is cool because we've got nothing but time, even when it flies. 

So what have we been up to? Let me lay it down for ya. 

First up, his 3 mos check up! He weighed, as of Sept 10th, 14.2 lbs and was 25.6 inches long! That puts him in the 75th percentile for weight, and the 95th for height. He's come a long way from the 49th percentiles at 6 weeks! And that's exclusively breastfeeding. We've come so far since the first few weeks when my supply was low and I was lost in a haze of feeding, pumping and supplementing. That was so tiring, dudes. It's so nice to have come out on the other side of that successfully. I'm so happy I haven't needed to use formula since then, but OCCASIONALLY I think about how it would give me a break.

These thoughts usually come at 3 am and they pass. But the formula is in the cupboard in case I ever change my mind (I won't) or there is a medical need for it. I try to pump for ten minutes in the morning to get an ounce or 2 before feeding Silas. I've been trying to build a supply in my freezer for aforementioned breaks or outings where bf'ing might be an inconvenience. So far, I have one bag with 5 ounces in there. I used one at Feast of Fields because mommy had a little vino, so I'm working on getting a few more in there. It usually take me 3 days to fill a bag, depending on how long it's been since Silas has eaten off the side I'm pumping. I block feed on one side after 6 or 7 am so I can get hopefully get a few oz's pumped. It's good times, you guys. Gooooood times. 


When I was on the mainland last week visiting my cousin and her 2 year old (fun times! My first solo trip with Silas! Felt like SuperMom),  I thought I was maybe getting the dreaded mastitis in my right boob. It started to hurt so I massaged it, but then couldn't tell it it was red because of mastitis or because I was massaging the shit out of it. I switched up my feeding positions, applied heat, and whatever was going on went away. Thank God. Because I was NOT about to let mastitis knock me on my ass and miss Feast Of Fields for James' birthday last Sunday! No way! No how! This mama wouldn't miss out on a feast or her man's birthday! 


We took Silas with us, obviously, so it was a little less drunken than in years past. James wore him in the Ergo, so we ran around for an hour together, hitting up some tasty booths together while Silas slept. But then it was approximately 35 degrees, and there was a Silas shaped sweat stain on the front of James, so we found a little shady spot under a tree in the orchard and took turns laying down on the blanket with wee man and stuffing our faces with food and wine. So fun! Silas was an attraction in and of himself because he is so damn cute and caused many an ovary to explode. It was a very happy birthday indeed. 


Other than that, we've gone to boot camp (ouch! My obliques!), walks, met my mom and dad for lunch, gone to the Celtic service, and hung out. I continue to obsess about his sleep at night...still sleeping 4-5.5 hrs in the first stretch, and if I'm lucky another 2.5-3 hrs only waking for the one feed. Those are the best! He's doing all the right things a baby should be doing. He rocks at life! 

Here he is all dressed up for brunch with the girls this morning! Plummy plump! 


Oh, and he might be teething. Eeeeeek! 

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My Best Man (13 Weeks)

So, I never want to go back to work. I want to spend the next five years spending the day with my boy. His smiles are the BEST part of my day, and those are only the icing on the Silas cake. I love watching him grow and change and develop. We share a deep connection, one that I never understood until I became a mother. But man, it's deeeeeep. And I never want it to end. 

This week:

- He can hold his head up just a little bit longer when in tummy time (still hates it after a couple of minutes though)

- He giggles, just a little, when tickled lightly

- He sat in his Bumbo for the first time and loved it

- He met my cousin's three kids

- He was the only baby that didn't fuss and cry at baby massage class (I mean, why fuss other babies? You're the ones getting massaged!)

- He went to his first wedding and was AWESOME

- He slept 7 hrs in a row one night! He sleeps on average 5-6 hrs stretches now (pleasekeepdoingthat)

- He entertains himself when he wakes up in the morning with little coos and noises and we get smiles when we go in to get him

- He has started paying attention and focusing on the page when I read to him (though he has a limited attention span) 

- He "sings" when I sing to him, making little extended singsongy noises 

- He's officially in size 2 diapers, but we still have a few more size 1's to use. 

- He is RADICAL and I love spending time with him 

We're taking our first solo trip together this week. We're off to see cousins on the mainland! It's only for one night, but we'll miss daddy (who will probably use his time to have a night out with the boys and get some uninterrupted sleep). 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Silas, my little big guy! I can only guess that he weighs around 12 or 13 lbs at this point...based soley on how he feels and by me jumping on the scale holding him. Speaking of weight, I am back to my pre-cleanse pregnancy weight. Which means I have about 20 lbs to lose....30 would be pushing my motivation but in sales that's what we call our stretch target. I'm hoping that breastfeeding, walking and eventually kicking it up a few notches will help me get there. I'm not sweating it though. I feel good. 

Back to Silas! He's 11 weeks old and is rapidly outgrowing his 3 month stuff. I'm looking forward to September 10th, which will be his 3 month check up and we'll get a better idea of weight and height etc. I can't believe it's already been nearly 3 months! I will probably say this every post. "I can't believe it's already been (insert any length of time here)!" The things that moms say, heyyy? 

He's smiling and has the early beginnings of a laugh. He has been chuckling in his sleep or at the breast pretty much from the get go, but we're waiting on a hearty giggle. He's a pretty smily guy, and responds to our smiles with glee. It's THE BEST. 

Conversely, when he's not feeling so happy, he sticks out his lower lip in THE most adorable pout. It kills me. He's so expressive. Inquisitive eye brow raises, surprise, smiles both big and small, and this ridiculous pout. So cute! 


Cue to 6 days later, when I finally have a chance to continue this post! Y'all life with a 12 week old is busy! He has lately decided that his afternoon nap, which was once a 1.5 to  3 hr affair is going to be more like 30-60 fact, he is napping currently, but this is only after waking up 10 minutes into our first attempt (while I was taking a leisurely shower of course!). I swaddled him, laid him on our bed, laid down with him for 10 mins until he relaxed then moved him into his own room, rocked him and put him down. Now, that was 10 minutes ago so who knows how long we have. Babies are simple and yet so puzzling sometimes. Mostly when it comes to sleep. 

He slept 5 hrs last night, then was up every 1 hr 15 mins the rest of the night. What. The. Hell. Silas. I shouldn't complain because five hours is amazing and I'm even happy when it's four. But it's the following sleep after his middle of nye night feeding that is screwing with me. I need it to be at least 2.5 hours, okaaaaay? I think my big mistake is that I don't always unswaddle him, thinking I can get him to eat and go down all that much easier. But I guess all it means is that he is not really eating enough then because he is sleepy and not fully awake, so then he wakes up again because he's hungry? I guess? 
I already know this from previous attempts at leaving him swaddled, so I don't know why 3 am Heather is such a bonehead. Presumably, one day soon, we can stop swaddling him altogether and more to a sleep sack....but I'm kinda scared to try because I don't want to eff with MY precious block of sleep. Oh, babies! You so cray!

So I am assuming the kid needs to nap, but what do I know? I'm trying to get him to follow (very loosely at this point), the EASY routine (Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time), and today we've had two 30 minute naps, so we'll see how this goes. Yesterday I made the mistake of blow drying my hair, and wouldn't you know it, he woke up. So right now? Quietly blogging. I am not even going to try to get dinner prep under way. Because that "Y" in the EASY stands for ME TIME and so that's what I'm trying to do. I should nap, but guess what? I don't want to. You can't make me...but I can try and make him! 

We had our first mom/babe boot camp with Hot Mama Fitness today. It was in the park around the corner, and this class is called Tummy Time because it's all about core work. Some of it was super hard...I will definitely be sore tomorrow. It was fun! Silas laid on a blanket next to me and eventually fell asleep looking up at the trees. Of course he fell asleep just as the class was coming to an end on her mats, so I had to move him. Next time I might bring my own mat for him so we can just chill if he falls asleep again. Something about that fresh air, hey? Babies love it.


12 weeks! Can't believe my little guy will be three months old on the 10th. Slow down, please!!

Some pics from the past week....

God I love this kid. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Family Vacations

We took our very first vacation as a family recently! James and I flew with Silas to the cabin for a week of fun in the sun (actually more like fun in the clouds, rain, thunder with occasional sun). Silas was a complete dream on his first, second, third and fourth plane rides. Fly with a baby? Check! 

We had a wonderful time with my parents and my brother and his wife while we were there. The lack of hot weather actually worked out perfectly because it's a constant thing in my life where I try to guess how to dress the baby for whatever temperature it is. And when it's 31 degrees at night inside, I start to worry about overheating, so the cool weather was a blessing in the end. The lake was warm enough that I swam multiple times a day, read a book, ate some great food made by my mom, and relaxed. 

The mountain air agreed with Silas as we got our first stretches of five and six hour sleeps at night (this has not entirely followed us home - we've had a 5 hour and a four hour and a three hour, so basically...there is no rhyme or reason for his sleep?). We dipped his feet in the lake (umm...hated that), and took him on his first boat ride (fell asleep). We sat by the fire, went for walks, and saw friends and family. It was glorious! I didn't want to come home, but I screwed up our return flights and ended up coming home five days earlier than planned. BOOO. Basically never let a sleep deprived mom book flights? So we only got a week there. In the end, it was perfect and lovely but I always want to stay longer :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Within the last week, two friends had their beautiful babies. 

One delivered a healthy full term boy named Reid. This baby was much wanted, and long awaited. He and his family are special to my heart because I am familiar with the struggle of wanting a child and having to wait so long for your dream to become a reality. My heart was full of joy when I got the text announcing his arrival a week before schedule (how did he know his mom couldn't WAIT to meet him?!). Welcome wee Reid. 

And because life is extremely precious and unfair, the other delivered a beautiful girl named Faith who lived no longer than one hour on this earth. She was born at 22 weeks and and although she had a strong heart, she was unable to breathe. Her mom has been on bed rest for the past six weeks, trying to keep baby safe inside. My heart breaks for my friend and her husband. I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling, dealing with the loss of their perfect 1 lb child. I am happy they got to hold her in their arms for a short while before she passed, so they could release her to God knowing that she knew she was oh so loved. 

Why does this happen? Why does one baby live and another dies? Why can some people procreate at the drop of a hat and others have to try, try, try until they cry? Life isn't fair and it doesn't make sense. Maybe that's what makes it beautiful - that it's fleeting and complicated. Life's challenges remind us not to take what we do have for granted. Ever. Because you never know when everything can change and you're left feeling like life has punched you in the nuts. Or give you the gift you've been waiting for. The yin and yang of life. 

I'm hugging my baby extra close these days. His life is a beautiful and precious miracle. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014


I realize every day how lucky we are that Silas is with us. Forever grateful and blessed. I follow a number of people who have either lost babies at birth or in utero. Life is so previous and fragile. I will never take this little life for granted. 

My heart.....

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

8 Weeks and Counting

My little monkey is 8 weeks and 1 day today. He has changed so much in the past 8 weeks, he's almost unrecognizable as the tiny infant they pulled from my tummy on June 10. 

I have no idea what he weighs or how long he is since his last check up on July 25. But I do know he's growing up and that is both thrilling and heartbreaking. I want him to stay my little cuddly bear, but yet I am excited for him to develop and grow and astound us with each new skill. I dream of the days when we three can go on adventures together and converse, and yet I know I'll always miss these days. 

Even the sleep deprived ones. 

I thought I had struck a note of genius on Saturday night. I expressed some milk and topped Silas up before his 9 pm bedtime and he slept for nearly FIVE HOURS. I did the same at 2 am and got another three hours. I thought I'd found the solution....however it has not been as successful the following two nights, last night being the worst....up every two hours......zzzzz. His "schedule" was way off yesterday and he didn't get a good long afternoon nap, so I believe he was overtired, plus I didn't have as much milk. The moral of the story is, just when you think you've got it figured out, things change. It keeps you on your toes! Your tired, little toes. 

I get some pretty big smiles from him at 5 am though and it's all worth it. So, I'm going to keep trying to top him up and see how we go. It's all one big around the clock adventure and learning. For both of us. 

I had to take Silas to the clinic yesterday because he developed a watery left eye with some yellow discharge. Googling it told me it was either a clogged tear duct, or a form of pink eye. You don't take chances with vision, so we took a swab and we'll know by tomorrow if we need a course of antibiotics. As of today it looks MUCH better....I've been keeping it clean with warm washcloths and sterile drops (and a few squirts of breast milk). It looks like whatever it is, it's resolving on it's own. First medical crisis averted! 

To celebrate his 8th week, Silas enjoyed a delightful game of peekaboo with his dad after work. ADORABLE. I tried it a couple weeks back and was met with confused skeptisim, but it was all smiles and coos for his dad and the BESR GAME EVER! 

My favorite times of the day are mornings....smiles everywhere. 

Next week we go to the cabin! I can't wait! 


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Celebrating 7 Weeks in Silas Style

Life has changed, but life is good. Our hearts have never been fuller! 

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